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Martin LOT

The original Martin Lot flute was in the instrumental museum of Paris (E980.2.18).
It is made of yellow-orange stained boxwood, with ivory rings, without cap and key, pitch a=414 Hz. It dates from the late eighteenth century (1780?), without being able to assign a more precise date.
I offer a copy of this flute made of stained boxwood, with imitation ivory rings and silver key, pitch a=415 Hz.

The mouth hole is relatively small. The most remarkable of this flute is the big undercutting inside the tone holes (except for the E hole, and to a lesser extent the A hole).
This has caused, I think, to research notes straight and powerful, and is undoubtedly the source of the stability of each note at the time of the attack (as we cannot enlarge the diameter of the holes, as on a Boehm flute, it opens from the inside). The G.A.Rottenburgh flute also has significant undercutting, but much less pronounced.
The first register is wide and full, and the second and third clear and light (to the A), with a rich harmonic sound.
* I think however that the date of 1780 given by the museum is too late for this instrument. I would date it from 1755 to 1760, given its characteristics of the inside boring, and its baroque external look.
Repertoire : all the music in the mid to late eighteenth century, but the flute is flexible enough to adapt to all the baroque repertoire, which Leclair, Blavet, Couperin as JS Bach.
Martin LOT (1718-1785) : younger brother of Thomas (1708-1787), he belongs to one of the great dynasties of woodwind makers in Paris. Maker of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons, there is unfortunately very little information about it. The "Tablettes de Renommée" in 1785 name two makers of his name in Paris, without specifying the initial, one "rue de l'Arbre sec" (his elder brother Thomas), the other at "Abbaye Saint Germain".
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