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Baroque transverse flutes


Boxwood (buxus sempervirens) :

I use French box, stored for over 15 years. During the manufacture I respect resting time to avoid deformations, oiling regularly.
The box gives a warm and light sound, more "intimate" that can produce the grenadilla.

Imitation ivory resin :

The resin I use for rings and mouldings is a polyester resin, an excellent substitute for real ivory, and reproduces quite well its features, including its color and veining.

Silver :

I use silver 805 for the keys (80,5% silver). It is a good stiffness and good resistance to corrosion.
I can offer engraved keys (traditional freehand engraving made by a professional), these engravings are made after keys of the original instruments. Price on request.

Photographs of various stages of manufacture :

The raw box and its cut up to make the squares :

Turning to a round shape, and internal boring with the reamer :

Oiling the internal bore, glued rings, external turning, sanding, and staining after mordanting (acid preparation) :

External polishing, manufacture of the key, and mounting on the foot joint :

Milling of the Rippert flute reamers, and turning (boring) of an ivory cap :

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