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I rebuilt this flute from an original by Johann Wilhelm OBERLENDER I (1681-1763) as part of a private collection, dating from around 1720.
Before its restoration by Rainer Weber, the original had unfortunately suffered transformations, including the left hand joint shortened, presumably to get a pitch higher than the original tune. The mouth hole seems to have remained in its original configuration.
I offer this flute for the pitch a=400 Hz, which seems to tune according to my most likely reconstructions for this instrument, made of stained boxwood, a silver key, without rings.
I also offer a complete flute for a=392 Hz.
This flute, with a relatively small and round mouth hole, has a very intimate character, with a beautiful velvety tone and color, uniform in the three registers.
Repertoire : I recommend this flute to the repertoire for solo flute, or with basso continuo, and in a small room to meet its intimate character.

Johann Wilhelm OBERLENDER (1681-1763) (J.W.Oberlender I, the elder) :
He worked in Nuremberg from 1705 until 1745 as a wind instrument maker (transverse flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet, bassoon).
His son Johann Wilhelm II (1712-1779) succeeded him in the same workshop.

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