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The original instrument of Jean Hyacinthe ROTTENBURGH (1672-1756) is kept at the Museum of Brussels.
It is in four parts, in ebony, pitch a=400 Hz, and around 1720.
I offer a copy of this flute, in stained boxwood, with imitation ivory rings and silver key, pitch a=392 Hz.
I kept the very long head of the original instrument, reflecting the passage of three parts flutes to four parts flutes.
The full and rich sound should be compared, according to B. Kuijken, to a beautiful contralto voice. The third register is easy to play.
Repertoire : J.S. Bach, G.F. Handel, Telemann, but also French music : Hotteterre, Boismortier, ...
J.H. ROTTENBURGH (1672-1756) : he is, with his son Godfroid Adrien, one of the most famous of the many family members Rottenburgh factors and / or musicians who succeeded to the court in Brussels in the XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries.

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