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This beautiful instrument, at first bought by the German land of North Rhine-Westphalia, and today in a private collection, was discovered in 1991 in the attic of a house near Nuremberg (Germany). It is in four parts, in boxwood, with four middle joints for a=402, 412, 422 Hz and a joint for love flute. Its mouth hole is slightly oval in the transverse direction. This flute is dated around 1715/1720.
I offer a copy of this flute, in stained boxwood, with imitation ivory rings and silver key, pitch a=415 or 392 Hz.
I also offer an extra middle joint for a=392 or 415 Hz.
In this case, even if there is none on the original instrument, I can offer a tuning slide on the foot joint if you wish it (I personally think this tuning slide on the foot joint is not really necessary).
The compromise 415/392 Hz is remarkable for this flute, which preserves with one or the other middle joint a very good balanced intonation.
On request, I can also offer the joints for a=402 and 412 Hz, that work also very well.

Repertoire : The flute is very representative of the first period of the 18th century. The sound is powerful enough, the tone balanced to play in all keys. It's, in my opinion, an excellent instrument to start on a baroque flute. For the music of J.S. Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi, ...
Jacob DENNER (1681-1735) : he belongs to a family of wind instrument maker which operates in Nuremberg from 1680 to 1764. He is the eldest son of Johann Christoph (1650 - 1707), and created his own workshop, while his younger brother Johann David seems to have inherited from their father. There are still many instruments of this family, very finely crafted witness significant production and quality.

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