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This flute is based on the original instrument of Godfroid Adrien ROTTENBURGH (1703-1768) belonging to B. Kuijken. It is in four parts, made of boxwood, with seven extra middle joints, with a foot joint, and dated around 1755, perhaps 1770 : in fact, this flute could have been made by his son Franciscus Josephus (1743-1803) who continued to use the stamp of his father until 1803.
This is yet the most copied flutes today, due not only to the excellent reputation that has made its owner but also because of its own special qualities (B. Kuijken describes his instrument as elegant, flexible and colourful).
It is these qualities that I look to recreate in my copies, playing easely in tune.
I offer copies of this flute, in stained boxwood, with imitation ivory rings, silver key, pitch a=415 hz.
I also offer :
- a foot register,
- an additional joint for the pitch a=440 Hz (read the NOTE below),
- a complete instrument with a pitch a=440 Hz, made of stained boxwood, based on that of 415 Hz,
NOTE : the extra middle joint for 440 Hz need to have a foot register. However, for a great result and an excellent intonation in all keys, it is preferable to have the complet flute for 440 pitch.
Repertoire : with its flexibility, this flute can be used for a wide repertoire, which is why I recommend it as a first instrument for beginners. B. Kuijken compares the colourful of his original flute with a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice, notably appreciated in the music of Rameau.
G.A. Rottenburgh (1703-1768) : from a family of woodwind makers and/or musicians at the court of Brussels, Godfroid Adrien succeeded his father Jean Hyacinthe in 1756, having started working with him in1744. B. Kuijken describes Godfroid’s flutes as being more elegant, more flexible with perhaps a little less strength but more grace than those made by his father.

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