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Christophe DELUSSE

This instrument is based on the Paris museum original flute (No. E.2147) dated about 1790.
I offer a copy of this flute, in stained boxwood, with imitation ivory rings and silver key, pitch a=415 Hz.
I also offer a complete flute for a=430 Hz, in stained boxwood.

This flute has already the oval mouth hole like classical flutes, for a more powerful sound. It's coming up to the third register easily, to B flat without any difficulty.
Repertoire : This flute is in the tradition of the eighteenth century, but with a decidedly « classical » style, both in terms of tone, as his temperament more equalized. For the virtuoso "musique de salon" from the late 18th century (Stamitz, Devienne, Hugot), the son of Bach, Telemann and Mozart, as for the orchestral music.
Christophe DELUSSE (1713-after 1789) : he is ranked among the woodwind makers, from 1758, at "4 rue Pelletier" in Paris (see "Communauté des Maîtres et Marchands Tabletiers, Luthiers, Eventaillistes, de la ville, faubourgs et banlieue de Paris...", 1790).
The many instruments that we have received show a large and varied production. The Paris Museum's collection is a good illustration.
His instruments fall within the tradition of 18th century, while presenting a character of great modernity by their bills, including their internal boring, as tools of high quality preserved in the Paris Museum attest.
It loses track of this maker from 1790.

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