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Baroque transverse flutes

Baroque transverse flutes (plural) show extremely different characteristics, not only in the way they play, but also in the way they are made, tuned and their inherent beauty, as exhibited by some of the preserved historical woodwind instruments still around today.
I offer a choice of baroque flutes covering the musical styles from the end of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century. These instruments are all copied from historical flutes preserved either in a museum or in a private collection.
For each traverso model I recreate, I am trying to research its own character and its own color, as for the tuning to the pitch.
However my instruments are not exact reproductions. Besides, making an exact copy would have no much meaning. The original instruments, once they have been played, are no longer in their original condition. Also, since the baroque time, strong musical influences have changed the way we interpret compositions. Nowadays, the context in which we play has changed : bigger rooms, different acoustic conditions, not forgetting individual interpretation.
For all these reasons, I believe it is important to listen to the musician and to adapt the instrument to his wishes.
In addition to taking the greatest care in the manufacture of my instruments, I consider that a large part of my work is to satisfy the wishes of the flautist, to guide his choice of instrument and to work with him to achieve the precise sound he desires.
So each instrument is unique.
My work doesn’t stop once you’ve bought and played one of my flutes. Some adjustments may be necessary as the wood is a living material that can change, especially after initial use (that’s why maintenance at this stage is very important).
So, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries or problems you may encounter. If any modifications are needed during the guarantee period then these will be carried out free of charge as a priority.
You can send back your instrument for a free check-up in my workshop anytime between six and eighteen months of use.
I can also respond to special requests regarding other instrument, pitch or wood. If I feel I can help you then I will send you an estimate for your special order with a possible completion date.
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